Animal Nutrition: Dairy

Dairy Nutrition

Sure Crop Feeds offers a complete line of dairy nutrition products and services for all stages of life, including lactation, dry and transition period, along with calf and heifer programs.

Our dairy nutrition and consulting team work with producers to keep their cattle healthy and profitable. By helping producers realize the full potential in feed forages, we are able select the optimal concentrate of ingredients to fully utilize on farm forages. Meaning customers maximize their total farm revenue after feed costs, with either complete or commodity-based feeding strategies.

Ritchie Smith Feeds (our related company) located in the Fraser Valley, is able to utilize the Near Infrared (NIR) nutrient analysis technology to evaluate forages and commodities to formulate rations. Plus, to ensure we achieve optimal accuracy, we leverage third-party wet chemistry labs and mycotoxin testing. As a result, we are leaders in BC utilizing fiber digestibility rates to analyze a three-dimensional view of how forages are broken down in the rumen. Forage analysis, in combination with dynamic ration balancing, ensures we cost-effectively maximize forage efficiency and subsequently help farms to reach their goals.

To continuously lead the industry with best practices, our nutrition experts and staff frequently review university studies, collaborate with other agricultural professionals — from veterinarians to hoof trimmers — conduct on-site visits to other feed mills across Canada, and attend technical seminars across North America.

Benefit from our exceptional dairy nutritional services

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