Animal Nutrition: Beef

Beef Nutrition

Sure Crop Feeds offers a complete line of beef nutrition feeds and services for all stages of management and life, including cow-calf, backgrounding, replacement heifers and bulls, feedlot, and finishing cattle.

Our ruminant nutrition and consulting team help customers realize full potential in feed forages. We achieve this through specific assays and selecting the optimal concentrate ingredients to fully utilize farms’ forages. We understand the importance of maximizing total farm revenue after feed and input costs by keeping your cattle healthy and profitable. From complete feeds to minerals and commodities, we have you covered.

Sure Crop Feeds leverages in-depth ingredient analyses from our related company’s (Ritchie-Smith Feeds) in-house lab as well as externally accredited laboratories to monitor our feed product quality. The feed products are then evaluated to verify the feed is manufactured precisely to our specifications.

To continuously lead the industry with best practices, our nutrition experts and staff frequently review university studies, collaborate with other agricultural professionals — from veterinarians to crop specialists — conduct on-site visits to other feed mills across Canada, and attend technical seminars across North America.

Benefit from our complete nutritional services

To discuss how we can help you maximize the healthy, nutrition and performance of you beef herd, contact us!